10 Natural Hacks for Healthy Hair

Getting healthy, shiny hair naturally is easy if you know the right recipes. Instead of looking for expensive shampoos and hair masks, why not try some DIY recipes? With some simple items from the grocery store, you can create your own remedies for naturally healthy hair without breaking the bank. Full recipes and quantities can be found on the corresponding links for each remedy.

1. Raw eggs

Believe it or not, raw eggs are an incredible source of protein for your hair and can be used as an inexpensive conditioner option. It is rich in a ton of different fats and proteins that are great for hair plus they are a natural moisturizer. They can be used in a variety of ways depending on hair type. For normal hair, the entire egg can be used as a conditioner. For dry hair, try using egg yolks and for oily hair, egg whites since they have natural bacteria-eating enzymes.

2. Milk and honey

Dairy is great for hair but gets even better when combined with honey. This is best used for dry and damaged thin hair. The rule of thumb is to use higher fat content for milk based on the thickness of hair. So for coarse hair, use cream but for thin hair, use skim milk. Heat up milk until it is lukewarm and dissolve honey in it. Pour over dry hair and shampoo after 15-20 minutes.

3. Avocado and olive oil

Avocados are known for their health benefits in a diet but they have other uses too. Avocados are great as a DIY hair remedy especially combined with olive oil. Use a ripe avocado with one or two teaspoons of olive oil. Mash and mix well, and apply to dry hair but only to the bottom of the hair. This should not be used for the roots or scalp. Leave for 30 minutes and rinse with a gentle shampoo and a small amount of conditioner.

4. Coconut oil

Great for thick hair, coconut oil can be a great ingredient to give hair some life. It can be used for fine and thin hair, but use small amounts. For thicker hair, a tablespoon of coconut oil can be applied to the ends of damp hair. For particularly dry hair, it can be left overnight and shampooed out in the morning.

5. Cocoa powder

There are also lots of natural remedies for boosting hair color without resorting to harsh chemicals. For brown hair, cocoa powder can give it a natural boost. Mix with plain yogurt, honey and apple cider vinegar for a deeper color. For blonde hair, a mixture of lemon and chamomile can restore a shiner color.

6. Cinnamon and coconut oil

To stimulate hair growth, coconut and oil and cinnamon can be a powerful combination. Coconut oil keeps your hair healthy and hydrated. Cinnamon is instrumental for helping hair grow, as well as fighting dandruff in hair loss. Cinnamon can improve blood flow to follicles and using these ingredients as a mask can help you naturally grow shiny and healthy long hair.

7. Egg and lemon

For another way to use eggs, combine it with lemon for a mask. The eggs help keep the luster and shine in your hair, as well as naturally conditioning it. The lemon can help keep oily scalps at bay, as well give hair as a bounce. Combined, these ingredients help kill annoying bacteria (and things like dandruff) while restoring your hair’s natural bounce and shine.

8. Yogurt and honey

Another dairy and honey combination for those who may not want to use milk in their hair. Yogurt is another great way to get your hair happy and healthy, especially if used with honey. It’s not just a breakfast option! Great as a deep conditioner, this is best for those with dry and frizzy hair. Full-fat yogurt is better since the fat content will help moisturize and cleanse the scalp. The honey can help seal split ends and keep hair looking shiny and full of body.

9. Strawberries and mayonnaise

Probably the strangest combo of them all, but one that is purported to work. For those looking to have shinier, smoother hair with more volume, this is a quick and easy DIY mask combination. The strawberries have vitamin C to nourish your hair while the fat content in mayo is great for hair, especially dry hair.

10. Beer

Surprisingly beer is actually really great for hair. It contains of yeasts and B vitamins that bring a lot of body to hair and revive tired hair. To get that sense of lustre, all you need to do is use ½ cup of flat beer (leave it out for a few hours to eliminate carbonation) and mix with a light oil like sunflower and a raw egg. Apply to clean and damp hair and wash with cold water after 15 minutes. There are lots of different natural ingredients and recipes that do not cost a lot and help get your hair looking shiny, healthy, and lustrous again. These are some low-cost recipes to try, but don’t be afraid to look for other sources as well. Identify your hair type and search accordingly. This will not only help you get inspiration for DIY remedies but it serves another purpose too. Identifying these ingredients can also help in improving your diet by incorporating more of the foods that are better for your hair type for naturally shiny and gorgeous hair long-term.