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What is Senior Discounts Club?


Senior Discounts Club is a website where we post deals, coupons and discounts that are available both online and in stores.

It’s absolutely FREE to use.

We do not sell products, we simply search and share the best offers available every day.

Our goal – to reduce the time you spend browsing retailer websites and help you save more money quicker and easier!

Is Senior Discounts Club free to use?


Yes, Senior Discounts Club is absolutely free to use.

Can I see deals for free?


Yes, you do not need to pay to view deals.

How do I join Senior Discounts Club?


You don’t need to sign up to see deals. However, if you’d like to get our daily newsletter, go to our homepage and sign up to get the latest discounts by email.

How can I sign up for a Senior Discounts Club newsletter?


It’s easy! Just go to our homepage and enter your email to subscribe.

Is there a Senior Discounts Club card?


No, there is not. Senior Discounts Club is a website where we post deals, coupons and discounts that are available both online and in stores.

Do I need an ID card when making purchases or using discounts?


Usually no, but some offers may require your ID card as a proof-of-age. We always include these requirements in the deal description.

Do I need a smartphone to use these deals?


For some deals, you do need to have a smartphone.
Some offers require downloading an app and we always direct you to pages where you can do that.

We cannot convert smartphone deals into coupons, but we offer a variety of different deals every day – including the ones that don’t require having a smartphone.

Why is the price on Senior Discounts Club different from the price on the retailer’s website?


1. Dynamic Pricing Structure: Some websites (for example, Amazon), show dynamic pricing. That means the price swings up and down based on the item’s popularity.

2. Price has Dropped: Congratulations, the deal just got better!

3. Expired: We regularly go through our posted deals to make sure that they have not expired. However, if you notice an expired deal, please contact our team and we will delete or update the offer.

Read deal description carefully to make sure that you haven’t missed any details.

What’s the difference between a deal and a coupon?


A deal is a discounted price on a product or service. A coupon is either a coupon code or a printable voucher, which you need to submit online or provide in-store at the time of purchase.

Where can I ask questions?


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