$1 to $3 Off Ticket Prices for Seniors

Editor Wendy

"Enjoy your movie experience to fullest!"

Editor Wendy, 4 years ago


Seniors are still up for movie dates but youngsters crunching popcorn, spilling beverages on the floor and texting during the show and crying toddlers may hold sway. If you are looking forward to enjoying a movie you've been eyeing to watch on the big screen, you will enjoy your movie experience when you watch at Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas. Known for its restaurant-style waiter service, gourmet food menu and alcohol options, Alamo Draftohuse Cinema also enforces a strict etiquette policy. No children are allowed under the age of 2, talking, texting, and arriving late to the movie are all forbidden as well.

If you are seniors aged 60 and older, you are eligible to get $1-$3 off your ticket price at participating locations. There are now 29 locations across the U.S, however, check your local Alamo Cinema Drafthouse, as prices may vary by theater.

Note: Discounted tickets may be purchased with current ID at the box office only.

How to get it

The offer is available at participating locations. Click See Deal to check Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas near you. Redeem offer when you purchase your ticket only at the box office and when you present your current ID.



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