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Editor Robert

"Learn how to use yoga to age more gracefully!"

Editor Robert, 1 years ago


Yoga practitioners have long known that practicing yoga has a remarkable impact on physical and mental health, especially as you grow older, and only now is science catching up to that fact. Drawing from both the wisdom of old and recent scientific studies on yoga, Baxter Bell, MD, and Nina Zolotow have created the definitive resource on how to use yoga to foster physical, mental and emotional health for a lifetime.

Yoga for Healthy Aging is a book that belongs in the library of any senior who is serious about aging gracefully, with the physical, mental and emotional health needed to fully enjoy life after retirement. If you aspire toward such a goal, buy the title in e-book format right now from My Must Reads.

As a special treat for Senior Discounts Club members, My Must Reads is slashing $10 off the price of Yoga for Healthy Aging. Now you can get this incredible book full of safe, real-world advice on which poses, breathing practices, meditation and yoga philosophies work best for aging adults for just $8.99 instead of $18.99.

How to get it

This is an online-only offer. Click the green See Deal button to buy the ebook at My Must Reads. If the discount isn't already applied when you visit the offer page, use the code 8674715 to redeem the discount.



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