27% Off Amazon Basics 12-Pack AAA Rechargeable Batteries

$10.99 $14.99


Editor Deborah

"Power up your electronics with long-lasting rechargeable batteries for less!"

Editor Deborah, 8 days ago


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Power your flashlights, remotes, and more with this long-lasting battery set from Amazon. Providing extremely gradual self-discharge, these long-lasting 800 mAh batteries retain 80% capacity for 24 months and can be recharged up to 1000x. 

Enjoy dependable power when you need it with Amazon Basics Rechargeable AAA Batteries.

The batteries arrive pre-charged and ready to use in easy-to-open Frustration-Free packaging that doubles as convenient storage for unused batteries. 

Shop at Amazon and get these long-lasting and powerful rechargeable batteries for only $10.99, from $14.99.

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