28% Off Programmable Wi-Fi-Enabled Learning Thermostat

$214.99 $299.99


Editor Robert

"Enjoy savings on a thermostat that learns what's most comfortable for you!"

Editor Robert, 22 days ago


Equipped with smart technologies that learn your preferences over time, the 3rd generation of Nest's programmable Wi-Fi-enabled learning thermostats is a valuable addition to any home. Automatically adjusting your home climate control systems depending on the weather, your location in the home and other factors, you'll never have to manually adjust the temperature again once the Nest learns what's comfortable to you.

Plus, the Nest is also equipped with features that help you save money. It has monitoring features that show you how much you spend on cooling and heating, allowing you to make informed decisions if you want to cut costs. It also learns your activity patterns, shutting down climate control systems in case you forget to do so yourself when you leave. It also enables remote control of your heating and cooling when you're away when paired with the Nest mobile app.

If the Nest sounds like a great investment for your home, buy one today at Groupon to spend less on the thermostat. Pay just $214.99 for a Nest thermostat and save 28% on this amazing piece of tech that normally costs $299.99 when bought at retail.

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