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Editor Deborah

"Draining has never been this easy!"

Editor Deborah, 9 days ago


Straining liquid from pots, pans and bowls can be difficult, especially when the liquid you're trying to strain is hot. Without an extra pair of hands to help you, accidents can happen, leading to wasted food or even injuries.

Strain your foods efficiently with this snap-on pot strainer from Groupon. The Snap'N Strain Kitchen Strainer is convenient to use in straining water from food without splashing boiling water everywhere.

The Snap 'n Strain kitchen Strainer is the easiest, most efficient, and most practical pot strainer that clips onto any type of cookware.

Simply clip the pasta pot strainer onto any pot and tilt it over the sink or a bowl to strain out the liquid contents. Secure clips will make sure that the strainer doesn’t slip off while you strain the liquid.

With Groupon slashing 35% on this clip-on stainer, you can save on a tool that allows you to strain all your favorite foods without dropping odd bits into the sink.

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