$5 Medium Candle with $25 Purchase


Editor Robert

"Fill your home with delightful scents from Yankee Candles!"

Editor Robert, 1 months ago


If you want an instant pick-me-up for your home, these intoxicating scented candles from Yankee Candles will instantly make you feel happy.

Nothing transforms a space in an instant as fragrance does. Yankee Candles uses only the finest quality ingredients from around the world. And selects the perfect wick type for each specific fragrance to ensure the very best quality burn. So you enjoy your favorites scents every time you light that wick.

As a special treat, you get a medium candle for $5 with your $25 purchase! Take advantage of this offer and shop now!

How to get it

The offer is available online. Click See Deal and shop at Yankee Candle.



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