50% Off PureMSK Surgical Mask

$19.99 $39.95


Editor Deborah

"Creates a tight seal so goodbye foggy glasses!"

Editor Deborah, 8 days ago


PureMSK uses innovative design and materials to create an FDA-cleared surgical mask that offers superior comfort and efficiency, even after 24 hours of use.

It features innovative technology, a nonwoven material made with fibers just 0.1µm wide, PureMSK offers unparalleled breathability and efficiency.

The PureMSK's nonwoven material has very high air permeability due to consistent pore size which results in a very high ratio of pores to the surface area allowing for ease of airflow and better breathability.

Shop at DMB Supply and get this breathable and lightweight FDA-approved surgical mask for only $19.99, from $39.95!

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