62% Off 8-in-1 Tactical EDC Kit

$24.99 $64.95


Editor Kaycee

"Discover the benefits of always being prepared with this EDC kit!"

Editor Kaycee, 9 days ago


Want to know the secret to always being prepared? It always starts with your everyday carry gear. The Black Hawk 8-in-1 Professional Tactical Kit should be your next must-carry for every survivor out there.

The EDC kit is jam-packed with multi-use tools and lighting, packed into a compact, durable, waterproof, and easy to carry case.

Get it while it's still at a 62% discount at Black Hawk Survival allowing you to pay only $19.99 from $59.95. Find must-have items and gear to make your life easier each and every single day.

How to get it

The sale is available online. Click the green See Deal button to shop at Black Hawk Survival.



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