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"Keep your drains clean and clear!"

Editor Deborah, 8 days ago


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Keep your drains and pipes clear of clogs with a simple yet effective solution. The DawnSky Silicone Drain Cover offers a simple way to keep clogs away and saves you the headache, cost, and inconvenience of taking clogs off your shower, bath, or kitchen drain.

Put the drain hair catcher in the sink or tiles to use. Press the corners of the four sides to stick them. While removing, just grab the clump out of the catcher.

These drain catchers are easy to clean and maintain. These are far more efficient in catching hair or debris before they enter the drain and collect into a large clump of whatever it is they clump up into.

The drain hole must be flat without any raised obstructions for best results. Please note shower drain stopper is only suitable for flat and smooth surfaces. Make sure to wet the drain cover to enhance the suction of its cups.

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