Free Dior Clutch with Brand Large Spray Purchase


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Editor Deborah

"Add a touch of intoxicating elegance to your everyday look!"

Editor Deborah, 22 days ago


Elevate your fragrance collection and style quotient with a complimentary Clutch, yours to claim with any Dior fragrance large spray purchase.

This online-only deal is valid through Feb. 17 only or while quantities last. Don't miss out on the perfect fusion of fragrance and fashion.

Dior fragrances are synonymous with sophistication and timeless elegance.

Now, when you secure your favorite large spray, Ulta adds an extra touch of glamour with a chic Clutch – the ideal companion for any occasion.

This exclusive offer is a celebration of luxury, ensuring you not only smell extraordinary but also look the part.

The complimentary Clutch is the epitome of style, making it the perfect accessory for your fragrance ensemble.

Whether treating yourself or someone special, this offer transforms your fragrance purchase into a complete experience.

Imagine the joy of unboxing a Dior fragrance, accompanied by a stunning Clutch – the ultimate gift that keeps on giving.

Click the green See Deal button to browse the exquisite Dior fragrance collection, select your preferred large spray, and claim your complimentary Clutch.

Elevate your scent and style game with Ulta – where luxury meets affordability. Shop now and step into a world of timeless allure!

How to get it

This is an online exclusive deal. Click the green See Deal button to shop at Ulta.



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