Free Google Smart Light Kit with Nest Smart Lock



Editor Catherine

"Keep your home safe and enjoy the best that smart technology has to offer."

Editor Catherine, 8 months ago


Keeping your house secure is an important part of feeling safe in your own home, and a large part of that security is the lock on the front door. Sure, security systems can help alert you of intruders and even alert the authorities, but your first line of defense is always a simple lock. Sleep peacefully through the night, get chores done and go for a getaway with the peace of mind that your home is secured. Level up your home security with Nest Smart lock that serves as your home's first line of defense. With features ranging from keyless entry to automatic locking and unlocking, you will have a tamper-proof deadbolt that connects with the Nest App, allowing you to lock and unlock your door from wherever you happen to be.

For a limited time, Best Buy lets you get a free Google Smart Light Kit which normally valued at $55, when you purchase Nest Smart Lock. With useful features like giving trusted guests a passcode instead of a key, it’s easy to control who comes and goes while ensuring that your friends and family are always welcome.

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