Free Hotel Stay for Pets Under 80 Pounds


Editor Robert

"Now there's no need to leave Puss or Fido sad and lonely at home while you go on vacation!"

Editor Robert, 3 years ago


If it ever bugs you that you get to enjoy a fun and relaxing vacation while your pets are cooped up at home or in a pet hotel sad and lonely that you're gone, take them with you. If the cost of booking into a hotel with your pet makes you think twice about bringing your pet with you, stay at Red Roof hotels during your trip to completely waive the cost of pet accommodations while you travel!

To help pet parents traveling with their furry buddies enjoy their vacations, even more, all Red Roof properties are pet-friendly, allowing you to book one pet smaller than 80 pounds in your room with you for free. Plus, at the hotel management's discretion, Red Roof properties may offer to allow more than one pet to be booked for free.

To enjoy this offer, simply declare your pet when you check-in as a guest at Red Roof. If you are bringing more than one pet, be sure to call ahead to find out what policies are in place with regard to booking extra pets at the property you plan to stay at.

Note: You must agree to certain conditions when staying with a pet at a Red Roof property. Check the hotel chain's pet policy on their website for more information.

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