Unlimited Talk, Text and Data Starting at Just $30 Per Line

Starting at $30


Editor Catherine

"Get the whole family connected without worry of ever losing touch!"

Editor Catherine, 9 months ago


Today's technology lets you stay connected with your whole family no matter where you go. With a smartphone, you can call, text or instant message your loved ones through wireless mobile networks no matter where you are.

Typically, the only limiting factor to being able to stay in touch 24-hours a day, seven days a week is how many more minutes and texts or how much more data you have left to consume on your mobile plan. However, if you sign up for an Essentials plan from T-Mobile, you won't have to worry about ever running out of minutes, texts or data, because you get unlimited amounts of all three of these bundled into your plan.

Best of all, the T-Mobile Essentials plan is much less expensive than similar plans offered by competing networks. Starting at just $30 per line for four lines with AutoPay plus taxes and fees, you can keep the whole family connected and within easy reach each month.

How to get it

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