Up to $1,000 in Bonuses on Windstar Cruises

Up to $1,000 in bonuses


Editor Robert

"Make your Windstar Cruises adventure a truly memorable experience with up to a grand worth of bonuses!"

Editor Robert, 1 months ago


Windstar’s fleet of yachts provides you with an intimate and elegant look at the world at sea. Onboard, you’ll be pampered with personalized service and enjoy amenities not available on larger vessels, such as the Watersports Platform, which comes with complimentary access to kayaks, paddleboards and more. To make your cruise even more fulfilling, Windstar also offers enrichment programs featuring culinary demonstrations and guest lectures.

Enjoy even more adventure and luxury with Windstar Cruises by booking your cruise through TravelPerks. On top of savings and perks you enjoy through the service, you can also go on your cruise with up to $1,000 worth of bonuses as a special treat for being a Senior Discounts Club member.

Book your cruise through TravelPerks before May 31 to qualify.

How to get it

Redeem this offer over the phone. Click See Deal to view the offer at TravelPerks and get the appropriate number to call your TravelPerks Vacation Specialist.


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