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Editor Deborah

"Always find a comfy position with adjustable bed bases!"

Editor Deborah, 7 months ago


Trying to find a sleeping position that is just right can be tricky. With an adjustable bed base, you can find a comfy spot to help you dream a little easier. The custom positions let you create a surface perfect for those with specific sleep needs. Sears has a great selection of adjustable and standard bed frames to help you give your mattress a firm footing.

Bed frames are the start of your entire sleep setup. They can provide ample support to your box spring and provide added height if you desire. Adjustable bed frames can switch to positions that might help alleviate pressure points and can help better circulation throughout the night. Many of these bases come with remotes allowing you to change positions with the press of a button.

Shop at Sears today and save up to 30% off bed frames and adjustable bases for the best sleep everytime!

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