Up to 30% Off Glofish Supplies

Up to 30% off

At  Petco


Editor Robert

"Save on the essentials you need to create a brightly colored and glowing aquascape for your aquarium fish!"

Editor Robert, 8 days ago


Designed specifically to create bright, neon aquascapes, GloFish supplies offer a unique aquarium experience for you and your fish. The bright colors make your aquarium stand out in whatever room its in, and your fish become highlighted against the darker background.

If you’d like to build your own glowing aquascape, buy your GloFish supplies at Petco to enjoy savings. For a limited time, the pet store is slashing up to 30% off a wide range of GloFish supplies, including these fantastic products:

  • GloFish Black Multi-Color Lagoon Aquarium Gravel, now just $6.39 (was $8.49)
  • GloFish Glass Aquarium Kit 10 Gallon, now just $43.49 (was $62.99)
  • GloFish 5 Gallon Aquarium Kit With Blue & White LEDs, now just $40.19 (was $52.99)
  • GloFish Blue LED Aquarium Light, now just $21.59 (was $25.99)
  • GloFish Castle Ornament, now just $9.69 (was $10.49)
  • GloFish 3 Large Multi-Pack Aquarium Plants, now just $7.19 (was $9.49)

Shop at Petco now to get your GloFish supplies for less!

How to get it

This offer is available online and in stores. Click See Deal to shop online at Petco or to find a store near you.


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