Up to $5 Off Each Medicare Part D Prescription

Up to $5 off

Editor Robert

"Make Walgreens your preferred pharmacy today!"

Editor Robert, 4 years ago


If you're on Medicare Part D, making Walgreens your preferred pharmacy allows you to enjoy savings on your covered health and medical purchases. In fact, you can save up to $5 off each Medicare Part D prescription with Walgreens as your preferred pharmacy. That might not seem like a lot, but on a tighter senior budget and with lots of medical essentials to spend for, it can add up to a significant savings!

Visit the Walgreens website today to discover the full range of benefits that come with making Walgreens your Medicare Part D preferred pharmacy!

How to get it

This offer is available online and in stores. Click the green See Deal button to visit the Walgreens website to find out how you can enjoy the savings.



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