Up to 60% Off UV Sanitizer

Up to 60% off

Editor Robert

"Kill bacteria and viruses with the wave of a wand!"

Editor Robert, 1 years ago


Sanitize any surface thoroughly by using the power of ultraviolet light to kill harmful bacteria and viruses. Unlike clean wipes, soap or detergents, ultraviolet light can be used on any surface. It isn't wet, so it won't ruin electronics, and it can reach areas you might not otherwise be able to easily access.

Designed to kill pathogens, the Mobile Klean handheld sanitizing ultraviolet light can help you keep your family safe from diseases. Its precision-engineered light is set at just the right wavelength to attack the cell walls of bacteria and viruses, rendering them unable to reproduce and consequently eliminating the threat they pose.

Get your Mobile Klean handheld sanitizing ultraviolet light today. As a special offer during this time of crisis, Mobile Klean is slashing 60% off its product so you can equip yourself to keep the virus out of your home even on a budget!

How to get it

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