10 Great Free Apps for Seniors

As smartphones become an ever-popular option for mobile devices, the number of apps on the market has been steadily on the rise. And for seniors that are getting accustomed to the device, there are an increasing number of apps to support this demographic. From handling finances to managing medication and retirement benefits, there are a large number of apps out there that can help you keep up to date on your lifestyle, and manage it no matter where you choose to retire. Here are some of the best free apps for seniors currently:

1. Life360 

One of the most important things, as you get older, is making sure everyone is alright. Whether family members are concerned about your safety, or you live far from each other, checking in on each other is important. 

Life360 uses GPS tracking to keep track of family members during everyday activities and gives a general idea of location. You can use it to check in on each other every once in a while to make sure everyone is home safe. 

2. Mint 

Retiring means sticking to a budget. While some might have a higher budget, others can often find themselves running a little bit short of what they thought they would need during this time. If you find budgeting to be challenging, Mint is the right app for you. 

It links to your bank account and cards to help you understand spending patterns a bit better, and where you can afford to make cuts. Although there is a premium paid version, much of the features are available in the free version and can definitely be a huge help in trying to maintain a budget.

3. Uber

An incredibly easy to use app,  you can call a taxi with a few simple taps. You get picked up from your exact location and dropped off, and fares are presented to you before you call it. 

That way, there is no stress over a meter or trying to explain to the driver where to go. Great to have in an emergency, and it makes getting around much easier, especially if you do not drive. 

4. iPharmacy Pill ID & Drug Info 

It can often be difficul to keep track of medication timings, what they do, what the potential side effects are and trying to ensure that you take it at the right time. 

This app is here to resolve all of these issues. Not only can it tell you what each medication is for, what the potential side effects are, and it can be also be programmed to give you reminders of when to take it. Rather than trying to keep track of it manually, using an app can be a much better way to keep track, especially if you travel a lot or have a busy schedule. 

5. Wordbrain

Looking for something that is fun yet challenging? Smartphones are known for their plethora of game choices, but why not go for something that keeps your brain challenged too? 

Wordbrain is one of the most popular games among seniors, since it provides a good level of challenge while still keeping things interesting. The puzzles get harder as you keep playing, ensuring that you never get bored.

6. Senior Discount Club 

Looking for a handy way to keep track of discounts, deals, and general tips and tricks? Look no further than the Senior Discount Club app. 

It includes travel offers, popular retailer discounts, as well as a Community Forum, which is an easy and simple way for seniors to connect. You can follow different categories and stores to get alerts when new deals are posted, so you will never miss a great offer! 

If you are looking for ways to find great deals and save, especially for retailers that you shop with often, this is the best app to get!

7. WebMD 

While it is not recommended to go on the internet when feeling ill, having the WebMD app is handy. It can provide a good level of information, as well as news surrounding medicine and science. 

Rather than using it to check symptoms, it can be a great tool to have to understand about illnesses you might have and to learn about recent developments in different medical areas.

8. Goodreads 

For voracious readers, this is a must-have app. You can create an account and research books, look at user ratings and reviews, as well as keep up with your favorite authors by following them. 

You can also use the barcode scanner in the app to keep track of books you come across and want to remember to purchase. It’s a great tool to learn more about books in genres you might like, and see what other readers who like similar things are reading to get some inspiration on your next book choice.

9. Epicurious 

If you like to cook and are looking for a little inspiration, the Epicurious app is for you. It has thousands of recipes spanning across different cultures and cuisines (over 30,000 to be exact!). 

The app offers reviews, tips as well as pictures from others that have attempted the recipes. Best of all, you can sync your grocery list so that you are able to buy the right ingredients at the grocery store and save your favorite recipes in the app! 

10. NPR 

If you are looking for engaging content that challenges you as well, NPR is the best app. The National Public Radio app contains a myriad of different types of content, ranging from music to podcasts to news and events. 

You can learn about different news stories, or listen to podcasts on human interest topics and events. And if you want to discover some new music, NPR has that too! You can also go through their archives to listen to past interviews and reports while learning about different things. 


While there are thousands and thousands of apps available, these are just a selected few that span different parts of life to give you an idea of the variety that is out there. Take some time to research online and look through the app store to find other ones that could be useful for you. Whether it is managing your travel, trying to find deals or just simple medication reminders, your smartphone is a powerful device so use it to its full extent!