15% Off Select Hair Tints

15% off


Editor Robert

"Save 15% on all-natural, cruelty-free hair tints!"

Editor Robert, 2 months ago


When it comes to dyeing hair, most people don’t think too much about the chemicals involved. Most buyers accept that harsh chemicals are just part of the process of changing the color of hair, since that’s how most salons and beauty experts pulled off the feat in the past. With the advancement of science and a better understanding of how harsh chemicals can damage hair, however, newer products now offer all-natural solutions to coloring hair.

With the Vitacost’s dedication to selling healthier alternatives to mainstream products, gentler, all-natural hair tints are just what you get from them. Plus, for a limited time, you can save when you choose the healthier, all-natural option with the store’s 15% off sale on select hair tints.

No coupon code is required to take advantage of this offer, as eligible products are marked with their reduced prices. Just click See Deal to browse through the selection of products that qualify for savings through this offer.

How to get it

Click See Deal and shop at Vitacost.


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