2 for 20 Single Wick Candles

2 FOR $20


Editor Deborah

"Set the mood with bright and fragrant candles!"

Editor Deborah, 7 days ago


Fill a room with a lingering fragrance for hours without going through can after can of air freshener by lighting a single-wick scented candle from Bath and Body Works.

At 2 for $20, buying single-wick candles enough to last you for months isn't too hard on the budget!

Now you can buy as many scents as you like or buy multiples of a favorite scent to fill very large rooms with fragrance without breaking the budget!

Get your single-wick candles today and fill your home with soft light and inviting fragrance!

How to get it

The offer is available online. Click the green See Deal button to shop at Bath & Body Works.



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