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20% OFF

At  Petco

Deal expires: 26 Dec 2022

Editor Deborah

"Well-trained dogs are happy and healthy dogs!"

Editor Deborah, 1 months ago


Having a dog is fun, but it's also a responsibility. An untrained dog can be challenging to manage, and even worse these dogs can hurt other people and animals.

If you're looking for a dog training class, Petco will have your dog trained in no time!

Consistent and positive dog training builds trust and confidence between dog and owner. From puppies to seniors, positive dog training promotes overall well-being through strengthening social, mental, and physical health.

Petco's dog training curriculum is focused on positive reinforcement and backed by experts. Sign up for group or one-on-one personalized dog training classes. Training courses can be online or in-person.

From barking and chewing to calming and potty training, we have products for every training need.

Their classes are designed for all ages and breeds, allowing you to customize a curriculum led by their certified trainers and AKC evaluators.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your dog is in good hands. Enroll your dogs at Petco's dog training and save 20% off.

How to get it

The offer is available online. Click the green See Deal button to book a training class at Petco. Use the promo code HOLIDAY20 to redeem the discount.



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