$3 6-Piece Chicken Stars With Small Coke



Editor Wendy

"Snack on delicious Chicken Stars paired with a refreshing glass of Coke for just $3!"

Editor Wendy, 9 months ago


If you're looking for a delicious afternoon snack, head to Carl's Jr. during the restaurant's "happy hour" between the hours of 2 and 5 p.m.

This summer, the fast food restaurant is offering a unique special for a very affordable $3 price. For that price, you can bite into delicious, crispy Chicken Stars – chicken nuggets shaped as stars to celebrate summer and the recently concluded Fourth of July. You'll get a small glass of Coca Cola to pair with the stars, a fantastic refreshment to help you stay cool in the sweltering summer heat.

How to get it

This offer is only available when dining in.  Click See Deal to find a Carl’s Jr. restaurant near you.



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