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Cherries are a popular fruit but those pits! They can be a choking hazard for small children, and for sure you wouldn’t want a beautiful cherry pie filled with hard pits.

While there are methods for pitting cherries using common household or office supplies, it’s a lot easier and probably safer to use a tool designed specifically for the task.

Plus, olives and cherries are about the same size, shape, and texture, so you can use most cherry pitters to pit your olives, as well.

Make your life easier with this Cherry Pitter Tool. It pits any type or size of cherries including wild or sour cherries and even olives.

The pits come out cleanly leaving the cherry pretty intact, while no juice is lost; so you can finally just pop them into your mouth without worrying about swallowing or biting into the pits.

It's strong enough to pop out the pit with very minimal effort. Now your family can enjoy a bowl of cherries without the mess of having to spit out the pit or the effort of cutting them out by hand.

It takes minutes to de-core the entire bag and we can just focus on enjoying the flavor of fresh cherries.

Shop at Amazon and get this fantastic kitchen tool for only $10.99, and save 45% off!

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