Free Medicare Part D Consultation and Plan Comparison


Editor Robert

"Get help finding the best Medicare Part D plan for you!"

Editor Robert, 4 years ago


As a senior living on a fixed budget, every dollar you save helps you make the most of your limited resources. With the high cost of medications, Medicare Part D can help mitigate the hit to your finances getting sick or dealing with an ongoing health issue can cause.

Because all Medicare Part D are provided by private companies, finding the plan that suits you best can be tough. To make shopping around for the plan that offers the best benefits for your situation much easier, Walgreens, in partnership with eHealth Medicare, set up a free online consultation service that lets you compare plans and find the one that works for you.

Claim the medication savings you deserve by clicking See Deal to visit Walgreens website and starting the consultation.

How to get it

This offer only available online. Click the green See Deal button to start the consultation process on the Walgreens website!



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