35% Off Viactiv Calcium Plus D Soft Chews

$7.04 $10.79


Editor Kaycee

"Here's a tasty way to help keep you strong and healthy every day!"

Editor Kaycee, 12 days ago


As you age, your body starts to decline so you feel sluggish and get tired easily. It's challenging to eat healthy all the time too, so to make up for the gap, you need to take quality supplements to keep you in the pink of health.

Protect your bones and give  your body’s immune system some love! Viactiv Calcium + Immune provides 100% of your daily calcium requirements, vitamin D3 to improve calcium absorption and support immune health, plus zinc for an extra immune system boost.

Usually sold for $10.79, you only get to pay $7.04 on a 100 ct Viactiv Calcium Plus D Soft Chews. It is tasty yet it onyl contains up to 2/3 less sugar than other leading calcium gummy brands.

How to get it

The deal is available online. Click the green See Deal button to shop at Rite Aid.



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